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1. "Service" can be an elusive concept. What is the essence of the Ritz-Carlton experience? What is The Ritz-Carlton selling?
Ritz Carlton main belief is tosatisfy their customer’s expectations by giving them a personalized service based on a luxury experience. The primary growth strategy for the company was to obtain management contracts for the new hotelsand resorts around the world. Two key indicators of success in their hotel industry were the average daily rate and the revenue per available room. Filling hotel rooms was crucial for theRitz-Carlton’s managers so they pursued their two main customer groups: independent travelers, and meeting event planners.
For the Ritz-Carlton hotel business is not only selling rooms or food. It is aboutselling service and adding value to their products so customers can notice the difference of a high level service experience.
2. How does The Ritz-Carlton create "Ladies and Gentlemen" in only 7 days?For The Ritz Carlton, human resources are an essential part in the company that is why they have established Service Quality Indicators. They create Ladies and Gentlemen through orientation and anextensive formal and informal training. At the Ritz Carlton employees were prepared to fulfill their current obligations and to accept positions of greater responsibility with the hotel. The process tookthem 7 days in which the first days were dedicated to orienting personnel and the other days to improve specific skills. A main aspect in the process is teaching employees how to create customersatisfaction.
3. In what may be a first for the hospitality industry, Brian Collins, hotel owner, has asked James McBride, Ritz-Carlton general manager, to lengthen the amount of time spent traininghotel employees before hotel opening. Should McBride lengthen the 7 Day Countdown?
To lengthen the 7 Day Countdown could be a bad idea because it has proved to be a successful strategy at the time...
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