The role of bullying and low self-esteem in language acquisition: the affective filter hypothesis by stephen krashen

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Teaching and learning have a very important role in our society: they are reasons of social changes. That’s why is so important to teach the best we can in order to get a good understanding: learning. In teaching , education and development are together.
A crucial factor in education is the teacher; his competence and performance is what will define the teaching-learning process.He / she has a big responsibility: teach, guide, help and encourage his/her students. As a result; student’s role is also very important. He is going to be the receiver and all he acquires is going to be outcome’s teacher: so we have to be careful about what we say, how we say it and how it is going to be interpreted.
Talking specifically about adolescents, the process of teaching becomes moredifficult. Adolescence is a period of growing up characterized by changes (attitude and physical) that need to be understood. In other words our job as teachers requires an understanding of their problems in order make them interact and work in the classroom so that they can learn. This could be a hard work for both but we have to be aware of the age the show and the age they are: aren’t the same.In this period they have the appearance of and adult but are still children.
With those changes in a adolescence a lot of problems appear . Bullying and low self esteem are 2 of the biggest.
The impact of bullying on its victims includes a loss of self-esteem. Hazler (1994)
The importance of bullying and self-esteem is placed in the mental and physical health of the students and of coursein how the lack of this health can affect the students’ learning.
NOW WE WE TALK about “mental health” meaning emotions and behaviors the Affective Filter hypothesis proposed by Stephen Krashen appears. This hypothesis of second language acquisition theory talked especifcally about the impediment to learn or acquired a language caused by negative emotional ("affective") responses toone's environment.
I want to be a teacher of teens so that’s why those topics are so interesting to me. I think adolescence can be handling without affective learning prcess.

The role of Bullying and low self-esteem in language aqcuisition.
Bullying is the use of harmful behaviours targeted against a peer who is unable to defend him/herself. Self-esteem refers to the value or worth that peopleassociate with or describe themselves. Children who are bullied tend to have behavioural problems which cause a low self-esteem. Most of the cases children who are bullied are afraid of going to school and that’s how bullying interferes with learning: children create negative perceptions about school.
When bullying students can be insulted with actions or with words.
Bullying refers todifferent behaviors : Direct behaviors that can are : teasing, taunting, threatening, hitting, and stealing and indirect behaviors are for examples, causing a student to be socially isolated by spreading rumors (Smith & Sharp, 1994).
There are many reasons of why students are bullied at school; they are seen as not physically attractive , or just because they can’t’ “fit in” in some other wayssuch as fashion , religion or social status.
These problems are a lack of education and lack of guidance. The problem starts at home I thinks the adolescent is just asking for some attention. The teens don’t know exactly what bullying can causes: the environments in which they are is not the appropriate an obviously their parents, teachers, and all the people around them aren’t paying attentionto them. The impact of bullying can be mortal . They are not juts affected in the school but in so many aspects.
The problem when a adolescence suffers from bullying and low self-esteem is that his attention is just away from learning.
Sometimes it isn’t important to the teacher ;he or she just avoid recognizing when someone else is being hurt and that’s when things get hard : victims...
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