The rose

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“The Rose”
by Shawna Fernley

A single red rose,
Alone in a field.
All by itself.
Nothing to shield.

The sun is shining,
In the summersky.
The heat is killing.
The world is dry.

Winds from the east.
Dark clouds hover above.
People have lost,
The romance in love.

Onecouple together,
The last of their breeds.
The man picks the rose.
It's what she needs.

Two hours later,
The world heard a roar.
A carout of place,
Hit her passenger door.

He tries to revive her,
A battle with fate.
No change in condition,
It seems he's too late

He looksdown beside her.
In her hand is the rose.
The rain starts to pound,
And the wind fiercely blows.

As they lowered her down,
The very nextday,
They asked for his speech,
There was nothing he'd say.

A single red rose,
alone on a hill.
The sun's in the sky.
The heat's sure tokill.
Villegas Mendoza Stephanie 5º G. I.

Topic: Emotions

Describe how youfeel when you read a poem.

• I learnt this poem by heart when I was in middle school so its reminds me of that time.
• I like itbecause it talks about love, which I think it’s the best emotion ever.
• I feel a bit sad because it also mentions death.
• I feel joywhen I read it giving the entonation and pauses.
• I feel relaxation when reading a poem

And that’s my emotions when I read that poem.
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