The runaways

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1. When and where you were born?
Joan: I was born September 22 of 1958 in Lankenau Hospital in Stockwood, in a suburb of Philadelfia, Pensilvania
Cherrie: And I November 30 of 1959 in Encino, LosAngeles, California.

2. When does your musician life began?
Cherrie: When we were 15, we decided to make a band, called The Runaways, with Sandy West ,Micki Steele, Jackie Fox and Lita Ford.Joan was the second guitar and I was the vocals.

3. Why do you pick this career and who formed the band?
Joan : Rock and Roll was our life,, at the beginning was for fun, and we just were Sandyand I, but then Kim Fowley put us together and officially we were “The Runaways”.

4. What genre of music you perform?
Cherrie: Mmm, something like Hard rock, punk rock and glam rock.
Whatgenres of music influenced in your career?
Cherrie: Something like our band played, and rock and roll
Joan: Yes, Rock and roll was everything, and also by the hard- edged, hard beat-driven rhythms thatso many band in Filadelphia had.

5. What your songs talk about?
Cherrie:  We often featured lyrics surrounding themes of lost love, criticisms of insincerity, the quest for authenticity, thestruggles and resolutions of the American working class.

6. Wich were your hits?
Joan: The band was best known for the songs "Cherry Bomb", "Queens of Noise", "Rock n Roll", "Neon Angels", and"Born to Be Bad".

7. Why The Runaways separated?
Cherrie: Well, like all the band in this world, the Money and management are a problem. The career of the band was so short, just 4 years, butalso successful. We reached the top, but then, was all downhill.

8. What do you think of the movie The Runaways which is based on you?
Joan: It’s so awesome to see yourself portrayed on screen,both girls know what are they doing, and I hope the public like the film.

9. What plans were after The Runaways?
Cherrie: I went on to record two solo albums, then I worked as an actress...
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