The scarlet ibis (summary)

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  • Publicado : 20 de marzo de 2011
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The Scarlet Ibis is a story written by James Hurst. It is an interesting history. The story talks about Doodle, who was a very brave kid. Despite his inability andproblems due to his illness. He learns so much and proves that he was brave. The story comes to an unfortunate end when a scarlet ibis appears to him. Both ends up dying due do them sharing a place in theworld.
When Doodle was born he had born with a illness. “The illness caused the boy to appear all head with a tiny body which was red” (pg 316). From the day he was born “everybody thought hewas going to die” (pg 316), but he didn’t. Doodle´s brother was an optimist and he never gape up hope. One day his brother said “I am going to teach you to walk, Doodle” (pg 318) and also to run, “sothe first day that Doodle learn to walk they showed all the family and everybody was so proud of his efforts”. (pg 319)
Doodle´s best quality was his bravery, even with his disability. helearn so much despite the fact that no one expected much from him. This all changed when “Doodle began to crawl, but he showed no signs of walked out he wasn’t idle” (pg 317), then “finally after a lotof years of practice to walk he stood alone for a few seconds, then when he fell his brother grabbed him in his arms and he hugged him”(pg 319). “Also he made him swim until he turned blue and rowuntil he couldn’t lift in an oar” (pg 320).
Doodle was a very lovely person because of his kind heart he had good feelings and when he saw the scarlet ibis that was dying he “took out a pieceof string from his pocket and without touching the Ibis, looped one end around his neck”(pg 322), most people would not touch the bird, because they are scared that it has a disease. Doodle show nosecond though to help the bird. Doodle then “he carried the bird around to the front yard and dug a hole in the flower garden” (pg 322), despite. A few hours after this Doodle and his brother decided...
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