The secret diary of adrian mole

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The secret Diary of Adrian Mole

19. Why did Adrian hide his father’s shaving razor?

Because his father is depressed and he's afraid for his life.

20. What did Adrian think after his weekend?That he has been living in poverty for 14 years. He want that his father found a better job

21. Why did Adrian tell his mother about his father and Doreen Slater?

Because he want to make herjealous, but he didn’t get it.

22. What was Adrian’s reaction when the postman told him that Adrian’s mother was coming to visit on Saturday?

23. What did Adrian’s father do with the flowers hehad bought for his wife?

He gave the flowers to Doreen Slater

24. What happened when Adrian’s grandmother found Adrian and his father reading by candlelight?

She said that they had to go toher house and she has given Adrian’s father a cheque for the electricity bill.

25. Who solved Adrian’s problem with Barry Kent?

His grandmother

26. Why does Adrian hope that Bert Baxterdoesn’t die?

Because he like him and also because he doesn’t have anything to wear to a funeral.

27. Why does Pandora think Adrian’s father is racist?

Because his father doesn’t like the news Indianneighbours.

28. What did Pandora say she had done with the money for Adrian’s present?

She said that she gave all her money to a poor man.

29. Why did Pandora tell Adrian they shouldn’t seeeach other for a while?

Because their relationship was too serious

30. Why is Adrian so worried about the operation to remove his tonsils?

Because his grandma told him that someone bled todeath on the operating table.

31. Why did Adrian burn the telephone bill at the bonfire party?

Because he didn’t want his father to see how big it was, when Pandora was in Tunisia they spoken alot.

32. Why did Adrian’s mother leave Mr Lucas?

Because he treated her like a sex object and he expected her to cook for him. And she is also very fond of his father.

33. Why did they have...
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