The secret garden

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  • Publicado : 2 de diciembre de 2011
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The Secret Garden

Once upon a time, Mary Lennox was born in India. She was only a child and her mother and father died of colera, when she was nine years old. Her mother didn't want a child andher father was always busy with his work. Mary was a selfish little girl, she only really thought about herself.
Mary hid in the nursery and when she woke up the next morning there was no one left. Shewas sent to England where her uncle, Archibal Cravel, lived. A woman called Medlock in sent to take her to the manor. Normally the 500 year old Misselthwaite Manor on the Yorkshire moors wasn't aplace for a child to grow up. There are about a thousand rooms, hundreds locked, so no one can go in.
There was a big mystery about a secret garden that had been locked up ten years ago. A younghousemaid called Martha has to look after Mary. First of all, Mary didn't like her much, because Martha was nice and funny. She soon started liking her. Martha gives her a skipping rope so Mary can play inthe many gardens of Misslethwaite manor.
In the gardens, she met Ben Weatherstaff, an old gardener, and his robin. The robin became Mary's first friend. He showed her the key to the secret gardenand also the door hidden under the thick ivy. As soon as she entered to the garden, it became her own little mystic world. One day, she heard crying and looked for the person (it wasn't the first timeshe had heard it, but every time she wanted to look, somebody stopped her and gave her some explanation). In the door behind a tapestry, she found a boy, Colin Craven, her cousin. He didn't walked,even nor stand up, and everybody thought that he was gonna die. His father had never wanted to see him because he was different from his dead mother.
With Dickon, Martha's brother and Mary, he went intothe secret garden in a kind of a wheel chair, and learnt to walk. They all said, it's was “magic" made all these wonders possible: Colin walked. Mary changed into a nice girl and her joy in the...
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