“The similarities and differences between taking a traditional class and taking an online class”

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Milliealex Del C. González Torres
INGL 3231
Sec. 111
Prof. Carmen Gonzalez

“The similarities and differences between taking a traditional class and taking an online class”
Students do notalways have the time to be all day taking their classes at the University. We are living on a time that the majority of the student have a job or already have children and families to respond to. Betweenwork, studying and doing our daily chores all our time including our free time is consumed. Students sometimes prefer to take classes online with their computer as the professor, because they thinkthat they are saving more time, than taking a class on the University with a real professor that is more efficient and benefits them more. Although some students prefer being teach by a computer a lotof the student still prefer taking their classes on classrooms because they feel more secure and confident about what they are learning.
Taking online classes help students to maintain their jobsbecause they decide on what time their taking their classes and courses on the computer and they can take them anywhere. You can take your computer to any place and decide when to do your work in contrastwith the university that you need to be there at a certain time to get on time to the classroom. If a student is working he could take his computer to work and on his break time do some assignmentsor read some of the work, but is difficult for a working student to be at work and to be at the University at the same time or on time. Studying online is most of the time a good thing, but we alsohave to see that it has its faults.
There are a lot of benefits by taking classes in the University because the students understand better the material and students have a chance to practice and askthe professor if they do not understand. Although going to the University to take the classes is a good way to understand is also not so good because students sometimes get professor that do not care...
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