The sneetches

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  • Publicado : 12 de septiembre de 2010
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The Sneetches
Unfair Conscience

The sneetches is one story of a collection Dr. Seuss did. He was an american writer and cartoonist. About the collection, it’s composed of four stories, theconcepts of each story are different but them all contain important morals. The other three stories are: "The Zax", "Too Many Daves" and "What Was I Scared Of?".

The episode that we saw begins with Thecat in the hat singing to the point that he names The sneetches. There is when we see what these creatures are...sort of like yellow birds that walk in two pawns. They are divided in two groups,according to class.. the one with green stars on the bellies (starbelly Sneetches) and the one with anything on that ( plainbelly Sneetches). The first group claims to be the best kind of Sneetches and theydon’t like the plainbelly Sneetches...they even ignore them!, the starbelly Sneetches control all the best things of society while those without stars are socially refused. Obviously, it hurts themand some of them would like to be like the others.

Then one day a strange came to the beach in a strangest cart and he tells them that their problems are over. He is Sylvester McMonkey McBean, abusinessman that tries to convince them to use his machine to make stars on their bellies, they pay him and finally it works, the plainbelly Sneetches look just like starbelly Sneetches. So, thestarbelly Sneetches get mad when they see that the plain belly Sneetches have stars in their bellies too and do the same thing as them with mr. Sylvester. These two groups were doing the same thing again andagain and again till the money was gone. Anyone would have know who really had star or no so they finally started to respect everyone without complications...

Dr. Seuss = the man. The Sneeches is awonderful way? to teach children early on that racism is pointless and stupid.

What a way to teach children about how much racism? hurts and how stupid it is. I mean, it i just like skin tone...
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