The society of red-headed men

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The Society of Red-Headed Men

Place: The story takes place mostly in a quite office.
Time: The story is taking place in the middle of the day, never in the night.
Weather conditions: Itwas in a cool weather, not too much sunny, wasn’t a bad weather.
Social conditions: Character’s live was like an other ordinary people, nothing to worry about, like for example, Mr. Wilson was apart-time employ who has been worked for the last two months in a pawnshop, not big deal. Mr. Sherlock Holmes, was a famous English detective.
Mood or atmosphere: The feeling that I felt about the storyin the first paragraph was something like dark and frightening situation.

Protagonist: The protagonist here in this story was Sherlock Holmes - A private detective and the story’sprotagonist.
Antagonist: The antagonist of this story was the criminal.

Introduction: Everything starts when Watson came into the conversation between Sherlock Holmes and Mr. Wilson, who wassaying to him that there is now another position open in the Society of Red-Headed men.
Rising action: When Wilson tells his story about the Society; Holmes and Watson visit his shop.
Climax / Turningpoint: The bank robbers’ plans are ruined and Clay is arrested.
Falling action: Holmes explains how he solved the mystery.
Resolution / Denouement: Holmes remarks about his boredom.

Ithink that the conflict starts when one morning, a sign on the locked office door inexplicably announced that "THE RED-HEADED LEAGUE IS DISSOLVED."

"The Society of Red-Headed Men" isnarrated from the first-person perspective of Dr. Watson, who participates in all aspects of Sherlock Holmes's case. What makes this narrative style especially clever is that Doyle creates a narratorwho sees and hears the same information that Holmes does and who can relay the information systematically to readers, but who cannot interpret it. This technique is characteristic of the early...