The speckled band resumen

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Watson was living with his friend Sherlock Holmes when a woman knocked in the door.
She looked unhappy, and her hair was grey but she was thirty, because she was soafraid.
She began to tell her story:
-I live whith my stepfather Dr Grimesby near a village in the country. Now his family is very rich thanks to my mother´s money, but when he was born, there werevery poor.
He went out to India to study to be a doctor send he meet my mother when my sister and I were young.
-He´s a very violent man, in Indian he killed his servant because he has got angry, mymother was dead 8 years ago.
He fights with the people from the village he has wild Indians animal in the garden and there are many gypsies too.
-We haven’t got servants because they’re manyafraid, and we have to do the housework in the house.
-My sister died two years ago she was young she met a man and she was to marry with him. When she died was terrible time.
She ask me:
-Have yourever heard a whistle in the middle of the night?
I don´t heard this, but now yes.
Suddenly I heard a woman scream and a metallic sound and a whistle and Julia said:
-It was the band! The speckledband!
The police couldn´t understand why did she dead.
Holmes said:
-If we go to your house today, but your stepfather can´t know this.

They went to the house and saw the rooms, Holmes saw abell-rope over the air-vent, he pulled the rope but it not worked.
In the stepfather´s room, it was a plate of milk and a metal.
Holmes said to Helen she´s in danger and he is going tonight, she muttopens the window and the light of Julia room when he stepfather was sleep.

When they saw the light throw, the window and they waited.
There was a quiet whistle, and suddenly it sounds a cry inthe Dr. Roylott´s room and a metal.
He was dead around his heard was a splecked band an it´s moved... it was a snacked and his poison is very well to ill and is difficult to find in a dead body.
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