The speckled band

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Play: “The speckled band”

Florencia Errázuriz  Sherlock Holmes
Camila Melville  Dr. Roylott and Julia
Francisca Torres  Helen
Antonia Astorquiza  Watson

1º scene: (SherlockColmes house)
H: (Knock the door)
SH: Come in.
H: Please help me!, can you see my grey hair? I’m not ever 30 yet!
SH: Please calm down and continue.
H: Well, I am Helen Stoner and I live with mystepfather, Dr. Roylott. We used to live with my sister Julis who was going to get married, and because of that our father should give her an amount of money, but she died before that. Everything beganone night...

2º scene: (Helen’s house)
J: (Knock Helen’s door) Helen, I can’t sleep because the smell of the cigarretes of our stepfather is too strong!
H: Don’t worry. Come in.
J&H: (They talk,read magazines, etc.)
J: (When she is leaving) Helen, every night since last month I have heard a whistle, have you?
H: Are you serieous, beacuse I haven’t heard anything. (laughs)
J: Oh, itdoesn’t matter, goodnight. (Julia leaves)
H: Goodnight (Helen locked her door)
J: (She goes to her bedroom and locked her door, a few minutes later...) AAAAAH!
H: (Unlocked her door, then she runs toJulia’s bedroom and hears a whistle and then a falling metal)
J: (Opens her door) The band, my God, the speckled band, help me, please, help me Helen. (She died)

3º scene: (Sherlock Homes house)SH: Did you really listen to the whistle and the falling metal?
H: Maybe, but I’m not sure. It was much noise that night, because of the rain.
W: Did you call the police?
H: Yes, I did, but theydidn’t understand why she died.
W: you mean... it’s a mistery.
H: I think so
SH: Why did you lock the door?
H: We were afraid!
W: Of what?
H: Of the gipsies and the wild animals?
SH: Pleasecontinue
H: Two years ago, I was felling alone. Then a friend asked me to be his wife. My stepfather, accepted, so we are going to get married.
W: So what’s the problem?
H: The problem is that some...
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