The spirit inside in the bottle

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1. Narrator: A long time ago there was a woodcutter who had only one son. One day he said.

2. Father: I have decided to use all my savings to give you a good education, so that you can have a decent and honest job which will help us survive when I can no longer work.

3. Boy: Thank you father. I will study hard and you will be proud of me.

4. Father: You will leavenext week.

5. Narrator: The young boy went to the university where he spent there three years. One day the boy received a letter from his father.

6. Boy: (thinking) My father doesn`t have any money and I can`t stay here anymore. I have to go back.

7. Narrator: When he arrived home his father said.

8. Father: I don`t know what are we going to do. With the money I earnedcutting wood, we can hardly survive.

9. Boy: Don`t worry father, I will go with you to the forest and I will help you.

10. Father: It`s hard work, and you`re not used to it. Besides, we only have one ax and we don`t have money to buy another one.

11. Boy: Why don`t you ask our neighbor to lend you his ax?

12. Father: That`s a good idea… and we will buy another one when we haveenough money.

13. Narrator: Next day, their neighbor lent them an ax, and so they went to the forest to work. After lunch, the boy said.

14. Boy: I will take a short walk father. I`ll be back soon.

15. Father: Don`t take too long, we still have a lot of work to do.

16. Boy: I won`t.

17. Narrator: When he was in the deep woods, he saw an enormous oak tree. Then heheard a voice calling him.

18. Spirit: Help! Help! Let me out of here! I want to go out!

19. Narrator: As the boy was walking, he saw a bottle in the ground with a little creature inside. Carefully, he picked up the bottle.

20. Boy: What a strange little bottle… and the voice is coming from inside.

21. Spirit: Let me out! Let me out!

22. Boy: I will open it!

23.Narrator: As soon as the boy opened the bottle, the little creature started to grow, and grow, and grow, until it became a huge giant.

24. Spirit: Prepare yourself! I`m going to eat you! I have been here for a long time, and I am very hungry!

25. Boy: Wait, wait… before you do, I have to be sure that it was you who was inside the bottle…then you can eat me.

26. Spirit: But it wasme!  You saw me!

27. Boy: Prove it!

28. Spirit: How?

29. Boy: Get smaller again!

30. Spirit: Very well… then I will eat you!

31. Narrator: Then the giant got smaller, and smaller, and smaller, and the boy closed the bottle again.

32. Spirit: Let me out! If you do, I will do whatever you want me to do! Let me out! I will make you rich! I`m telling you the truth!Let me out of here!

33. Boy: You have to promise that you will not eat me!

34. Spirit: I promise.

35. Narrator: The boy opened the bottle, and the little creature started to grow, until it became a huge giant once again.

36. Spirit: Thank you!

37. Boy: How can you help me?

38. Spirit: Take this handkerchief. When you suffer an injury, cover it with thehandkerchief, and it will heal instantly. And when you cover a metal object with it, the metal will turn into silver.

39. Boy: Go now… you are free!

40. Narrator: As soon as the giant left, the boy returned to where his father was.

41. Father: Where have you been? It`s getting dark and we haven`t finished.

42. Boy: Don`t worry father. I`ll do all the work.

43. Narrator: The boytook the ax and cleaned it with the handkerchief, and suddenly the ax turned into silver, and broke.

44. Father: You broke the ax! Now we have to pay for it, and we don´t have any money!

45. Narrator: The boy took the broken ax and saw that it had turned into silver.

46. Boy: Don`t worry father… I have something to tell you.

47. Father: What is it?

48. Boy: Look at...
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