The story of luis braille

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  • Publicado : 28 de agosto de 2012
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The story take place in France in the 80,s the filling of the story is very nice because the principal character is blind and has thesame happiness that everyone normal person.

Luis: Is blind but he want to help the blind people to be free
Antagonist:Government: They don’t believe in the system
Secondary characters:
Captain: He create the system to the army hi named “night writing”

In1812 Luis was a small boy and his father had small shop in he made things of leather one day Louis has accident and he became blind, a few yearslater he goes to special to blind in Paris. Later he becomes a teacher and he wanted to find better system of reading to blind. One day one friendof Louis was reading the newspaper and his friend read an article that seeds that the captain of the army creates a form of reading to the night andLuis start to cry because he found a form of reading to blind. He went to see the captain he asked about his system and he explicit everything.When Louis explicit to the people and government about the system they don’t believe to him. One day a girl who had been blind since she was bornplayed the piano beautiful she should thank to Louis Braille she said that he help them to learn music and she said that he was dying. Everyone cameinterested in Louis. Luis friends go to see Louis and he cry and few days later he dead he was only 43 years.

That all is possible
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