The story of my life helen keller

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Major Characters Analysis
Helen Keller
She is the main character of the book, she is blind and deaf but even with that she doesn’t show any repugnance for her state, there is much to say about herlike she is very close to her family specially with his mother, because she’s always like talking about what she does with them and all the stuff they have done for her, Like for example when shetells that when she was young she thought that her little sister wasn’t like her mom’s daughter, she was always seeing her as an intruder or something, Other remarkable thing that can be mentioned aboutHelen Keller is that She is always trying to improve herself like she really likes to find new ways to communicate herself , for example that summer she spent practicing her French, What I can tellabout her is that she is an awesome life example.
Kate Adams Keller
According to the Reading, Helen’s Mother was tall, blonde and had blue eyes, She helped to the family at the cotton plantation, andwas always taking care of Helen this can be deducted cause she was the one who realized that beside Helen’s Illness there was something wrong on her daughter, She also tried helping her daughter byReading “American Notes” From Charles Dickens’ about the awesome work that had been done with some deaf and blind children She died in 1921 from an unknown illness.
Arthur H. Keller
Helen’s Father, inthe story there is not too much about him, but what can be known of him is that he is a captain who married Kate Adams (Helen’s Mother) and When they started living as a couple He owned a cottonplantation and was the editor of a weekly newspaper, He also was always taking care of his daughter, Helen liked a lot when he told some stories to her.

Mildred Keller
She was Helen’s sister whenthey both were young they had very good times together even that Mildred couldn’t understand Helen’s signs, Then they continued having an awesome familiar relationship, When Helen was going to the...
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