The story teller

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  • Publicado : 11 de octubre de 2010
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| |Country |Story/Author |Summary |
|| | |The story is about a boy who is in a reformatory and he doesn’t have any family. The principal of the place got closer to the |
| ||Ha’ Penny |boy and started ask him questions about his family because he was writing regularly to a family but this family had never |
| |South Africa |by|written him back, so, the principal asked to Social Welfare Office to investigate the family; they were real persons – however |
|1 | |Alan Paton |they were not his family.The child got ill (tuberculosis) so the principal contacted the mother (Mrs Maarman), and explained to|
| | | |her the situation, without hesitating sheadopted Ha’Penny but soon after he died |
| | |An Incident in the |Taking advantage that Ghobashi was away and did not know his daughterwas pregnant, Zeinat wanted to keep Ni’ma pregnancy in |
| | |Ghobashi |secret, making all people believe she was pregnant instead of her daughter, and wanted to makeGhobashi believe he was his son |
| |Egypt |by |instead of his grand-son.|
|2 | |Alifa Rifaat | |
| || |Freidman was a regular boy but had a tender side that made him all the woman envied of his grand mother to have such a good |
| | |The...
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