The stress in teen' agers

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  • Publicado : 28 de agosto de 2010
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The stress in teen-agers.

The stress in teen-agers is a dangerous sickness caused by social problems which affect physical and psychological health.
According to psychological studies, themajority of teen-agers suffer signals of stress at least twice a week. Have you ever has the curiosity to observe teens around you? in many opportunities I have analyzed teens behaviour when I take thebus, and one thing that really get my attention is to see many teens seem to be tired or depressed, this is a really surprised issue that needs to be analyzed carefully in order to identify the risksthat this famous sickness is able to cause in teens.

Stress is a dangerous sickness which affects not only adults but also teen-agers, which usually are involved in problematic relationships thataffect them, such as the expectations from their parents and society, which in the most of the cases, tend to be related to broken love relationships, scholastic pressure, and parent’s disagreements.Observing the aspect mentioned above, it is clear to see that stress represent a danger for teen-agers.

On the other Hand, it is important to recognize some alert signs that indicate this sickness inteens in order to not become a major problem.
It is also true that teens begin to feel bad when they are stressed; consequently, headache is the first sign that appears in teens.
But besideheadaches, another aspect to take into account is that an aggressive behaviour is identified, and also degrees of euphory that help us to recognize the main symptoms when stress appears.

Another thing tobe taken into consideration when talking about this sickness is to know that the main reasons are social aspects that are related to familiar problems, but also nowadays; the lack of economic resourcesis a cause of this health problem. This is true when for instance; parents do not have money to pay the school-fees of their children, having as a result, in the most of the cases academic failures...
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