The suez crisis

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The Suez Crisis; this began in 1951 when the king Abdullah was assassinated by his son Hussein to obtain the kingdom. After that the Egyptians began their war of independence against Israeli butafter this war a handsome, charismatic and a fervent Egyptian called Nasser took the leadership of the Arabs and the country in 1954.
Two years leather in 1956 the Suez Crisis began and it became in oneof the most controversial events; this hole crisis made that Suez get into a political and public division that made that Britain accused and controlled it and because of this the relations betweenGreat Britain, China and Arabs got into a really bad situation and when this relations were bad the British troops were ready to invaded in Canal zone in June of 1956. Leather in July 26 of 1956 theEgyptians announced that they will nationalize form the canal.
With all this the crisis went to war and form July to October of the same year all the events that happened shocked Great Britain and madethat some other countries got confused about the positions that they will take in this conflict a clear example are the U.S.A because the roll that they played was crucial as well as the French gotinvolved because of the UK involved this two in the conflict days after Nasser announced the Egyptians nationalization and in this stage of the conflict the UN got involved then in October 13 the USSRvotes for a resolution that was approved in the Security Council.
The SCUA ( Suez Canal Users Associations) talked about what would happened with the UN in a Conference that took place outside ofParis in October 25 of the same year and finally on October 29 of the same year the Israelis forces invaded Egypt and the second Israeli- Arab war began. This whole war went to October to November of1956 when Israeli took Sinai and the Gaza peninsulas.
Finally this ends when in November 2 the UN General Assembly called for first time Emergency session where an American resolution has passed....
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