The tango

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  • Publicado : 20 de mayo de 2010
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The meaning of the word Tango comes from Spain since the ninteenth century meaning “to touch or feel”
Tango was consideredsomewhat vulgar and immoral, those were the days of their starts.
Tango was danced only by black men.
In the beginning lacked tango lyriesand the melody consisted only marked by a set of instruments like the violin, guitar and flute.
Was played in cabarets and brothels alone andwas only danced by men.
The tango is a dance that was created specifically for men, and men dancing with men. They say that to practice for whenthey found dancing with a woman..
time after woman is integrated and included in the dance steps obscene, sexy, sensual and  unacceptable …
 These days the Tango is an elegant dance, beautiful, yet bold and exciting.
Their music is pretty and her compositions are deep and full of passion,love and lack of love.

 ?Is very commun nowadays to hear her songs on the radio or television. because in the past was impossible.
Therewill always be someone to listen, dance and sing in the future because the tango is to talk about art.
?and will always remain one of the bestdances…..
Carlos Gardel is a well known singer in the world of tango, was born on 11 december 1890 in France but raised in Buenos Aires.
?Was, is and will be admired for his performance; He who knows the tango, carlos Gardel who was Knows.
by: mayra e. figueroa hernandez.
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