The teachers...

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  • Publicado : 15 de noviembre de 2010
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The Teachers…
I really liked studying English at language school of Villacarrillo but, last week something happened that might make you change your mind like it happened to me.
Last Tuesday, afterI finished the English class, I went to my house as usual, but during the way I realized that I had forgotten my mobile phone in the classroom and I decided to return to the school to retrieve it.When I arrived to the school all lights were switched off. With the help of a lighter I was lighting and I went up the stairs to the first floor until the classroom. I switched on the light of the classand I looked for the mobile, but I couldn't find it anywhere.
Then I decided to look for the teacher and to ask him if he had taken it. So I went down the stairs with careful with the light of thelighter again. All was in silence and in darkness and I couldn't see anybody across the corridor. I approached to the reception but there wasn't anybody. So I thought that it was better to go to theteacher’s room which was at the end of the corridor. The corridor was large and narrow with many doors in both sides. I continued walking through the corridor until the end but suddenly somethingcaptured my attention. Under one of the doors I saw a green reflected of light. Inside the room I heard voices and laughs. With a lot of careful I half-opened the door to investigate what was the matter.
Icouldn’t believe what I saw! In the room there were three women and a man, all of them were teachers in the school. In the center of the room there was a bonfire and a caldron on it full with a greenand dense soup that it boiled. The walls of the room were covered with shelves with bottles of dead animals, plants, eyes and old and big books. They danced around the caldron and they sang anestrange song.

Suddenly one of them looked towards the door and he found me. At once all of them ran to me and I went fast across the corridor until the exit door but it was closed. I was in danger,...
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