The terrans

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The Terrans, Jim Raynor

Although technology and world culture had progressed throughout the twentieth century, its progress can not be compared to the developments that followed almost reckless. At the end of the twenty-first century, human beings had witnessed daring ways. Radically new technologies appeared at incredible speeds, offering access to advanced computers and databases ofinformation to the neediest countries of the earth. After the fall of Communism East European countries in a short time there were lots of nuclear weapons available.

The international power structure, originally defined by the acquisition of capital and military superiority, was destroyed when the third world countries rose to challenge the military might of the world's superpowers. As the manipulativesciences of cybernetics, cloning and genetic gluing had been appearing gradually in the public forum, military groups and religious humanists line - faced tough private interest corporations who profited from genetic experimentation. Thousands of people had been fitted with cybernetic implants and many began to manifest slight physical mutations from higher senses to advanced telepathy. Thesedramatic changes in the human gene pool triggered great alarm among the factions leading humanists.

The technology was further developed, and rates of population increase. At the end of the twenty-first century there were six billion people on Earth, and only three hundred years the population had increased in twenty billion. Pollution lack of natural resources and affordable fuels make mattersworse even as world leaders sought a way to stop population growth in their respective countries. Popular sentiment was that the world was headed to an inevitable catastrophe because of overpopulation and genetic alteration was everywhere. Meanwhile, as international tensions grew in the use and capitalization of the genetic mutations and cybernetic many international economic systems fell back onthemselves and closed. There were horrible acts of terrorism in the corporate sector and humanist factions, forcing actions of the police force throughout the world. The irresponsible coverage of the media of these atrocious police actions, extended the existing civil chaos in many of the larger countries. Finally, the precarious balance of world power exploded into international pandemonium.The New Worl Order:

On November 22, 2229, founded the United Powers League or UPL. The UPL was to become the latest reincarnation of a united humanity, which at the time had represented the United Nations. This New Order managed to regulate and control almost 93 percent of the world population, with the exception of a few isolated states of South America. The UPL was founded on the "enlightenedsocialism", but I used to resort to harsh, fascist actions to maintain public order. After eight years of control, the UPL decided to launch a tough agenda to unite the different cultures of mankind forever. It took a long time to eradicate the last remnants of racial separatism, and the Joint Commissions banned many of the world's oldest religions. English was declared the world's common language,replacing it in many old languages ​​which were subsequently banned in their countries of origin. Although religions were officially banned by the UPL, the organization had an almost religious belief in the supposed "divinity of man." This dogma brought the immediate removal of any mutation or prosthesis vital to get a human gene pool of the highest purity. Advocates and scholars UPL hardlinersbelieved that the genetic alteration, cyber technology and the use of psychoactive drugs led to the degeneration of the human species. UPL leaders developed a bold plan that would ensure the survival of humanity, free from the tempting corruption of radical technologies.

The great purification, as the bloody Inquisitions that devastated Europe for hundreds of years the UPL began one of the...
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