The twits roald dahl (parte i)

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1. Identify and explain the main events/sections in this part of the story.
We can identify many sections in this part of the book. They are separated by short chapters, and each chapter is about different events. Nevertheless, we can group these chapters depending on the plot this way:

• Section 1: On these chapters (“Mr Twit”, “Dirty Beards” and “Mrs Twit”) Roald Dahl, introduces Mr Twitand Mrs Twit and describes them.

 “Mr Twit”: the narrator describes Mr Twit is a sixty years old man, he has too much hair on his face, nostrils and ear-holes, and he never washes it. In addition, the narrator tells us that Mr Twit is a big twit (silly or foolish person).

 “Dirty Beards”: the narrator talk about beards and talk about Mr Twit‘s dirty beard in order to the readers can imaginehow “Mr Twit was a foul and smelly old man”.

 “Mrs Twit”: Mr Twit’s wife is described as an ugly woman, and the author tell the readers that she didn’t born this way, she becomes ugly because she was having ugly thoughts along her life.

• Section 2: This section describes how the Twits bother each other. This section has three parts, the first one there has three chapters and it is thecause of the four following chapters, the second part, and the third part consists on two chapters that conclude the section and it is the conclusion of the second part.

 First part:
 “The Glass Eye”: Mrs Twit takes her glass eye and drops it into Mr Twit’s mug of beer when he is not looking. He drinks all the beer thinking on a trick that he is going to play to his wife. With the last dropof beer, he looks Mrs Twit’s glass eye staring up at him from the bottom of the mug.

 “The Frog”: Mr Twit decides put a frog in Mrs Twit’s bed to take back her last trick to him. When she is in the bed, and notices the frog on her feet she screams. Mr Twit scares her lying and saying that he is sure that the frog was the Giant Skillywiggler. She faints, and her husband pours a jug of coldwater over Mrs Twits head to revive her. The frog crawls to the water and when Mrs Twit comes to, the frog jumps on her face. Mrs Twit is frightened and goes to sleep to the sofa, and the frog sleeps on her pillow.

 “The Wormy Spaghetti”: Mrs Twit takes some worms of the garden and, for lunch, she mixes them with Mr Twit’s spaghettis and covers the spaghettis with tomato sauce. Mr Twit eats his“Squiggly Spaghetti”. When he has eaten all spaghettis she tells him that they are worms.

 Second part:
 “The Funny Walking-stick”: To pay Mrs Twit back for the worms in his spaghetti, Mr Twit takes the walking-stick when she is in bed and, every night sticks a tiny round piece of wood on the bottom of the stick. She doesn’t notice how long it is getting even when it is halfway up to hershoulder.
Mr Twit makes Mrs Twit believes that she is shrinking and has got the dreaded “shrinks”.

 “Mrs Twit Has the Shrinks”: Mrs Twit really thinks that she has the “shrinks” when she sits down in her chair and she can see that their feet do not touch the floor. Mr Twit scares her talking and lying about the “shrinks”, and says her that it is a terrible disease. Mrs Twit asks her husband whatshe must do to cure the shrinks and Mr Twit say to her that she has to be stretched.

 “Mrs Twit Gets a Stretching”: Mr Twit ties Mrs Twit’s ankles to an iron ring that he puts into the ground of the garden and then, he fills one hundred balloons and tied them to the top half of Mrs Twit’s body. Mrs Twit gives a nasty idea to Mr Twit.

 “Mrs Twit Goes Ballooning Up”: Mr Twit cuts the stringsthat holds Mrs Twit to the ring into the ground and Mrs Twit goes up like a rocket. Mr Twit is happy because he has lost “the old hag”.

 Third part:
 “Mrs Twit Comes Ballooning Down”: Mrs Twit rids balloons and she go straight down.

 “Mr Twit Gets a Horrid Shock”: When Mr Twit is celebrating that his wife is lost, she appears swearing him and lashing out with the stick and...