The unfogiven

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  • Publicado : 28 de agosto de 2012
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Am C G Em
Am C G Em [ParteI]

Am Em
New blood joins this earth
G D Amand quikly he's subdued
C Em
through constant pain disgrace
G D Amthe young boy learns their rules

Am C Em
with time the child draws in
G D Amthis whipping boy done wrong
Am C Em
deprived of all his thoughts
G D Am G/B C Gthe young man struggles on and on and on he's known
a vow unto his own
Am G/B C Gthat never from this day
C G Em
his will they'll take away

Am C
what I've feltG
what I've known
Em Am
never shined through in what I've shownC
never be
never see
E Am
won't see what might have beenC
what I've felt
what I've known
Em Am
nevershined through in what I've shown
never free
never me
E Am [ParteI]...