The use of the definite article

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Use of the Definite Article ("The")

Use of the Definite Article ("The")

• 1) Used when anoun is mentioned for the second time.

• 2) Used before superlatives.

• 3) Used when something is unique.

• 4) Used to represent a “class” or “type” of things.

• 6) With the names of:
qNews papers
q Rivers
q Musical instruments
q Families

• 7)With the words only, last and first.
• 8) with the words station, cinema, theatre, library, shop, coast, sea(side), beach,country(side), city, jungle, world, ground, weather.

Do not use “the”:
• 1) With abstract nouns (such as feelings, emotions, things of the mind) when used in a general sense.

• 2) With pluralconcrete nouns (which you can see and touch) when used in a general sense.
• 3) With materials.

• With countries which have single "names"

• 5) With games when used in a general sense.

• 6)With meals when used in a general sense.

• 7) With bed / work / home when used in a general sense.

• 8) With prison / college / church / hospital / university / school / college when used in ageneral sense.

• 9) With (Most) planet names. (But note: the moon, the sun.)

Rules of Punctuation

• A full stop (.) is used:

v to end a sentence that is not a question or anexclamation.

• A comma (,) is used:

v to separate words in a list.

v to separate a non-identifying relative clause from the main clause.

v when if-clauses begin sentences.v to separate question tags from the rest of the sentence.

• A question mark (?) is used:

v to end a direct question .

• An exclamation mark (!) is used:

v to end anexclamatory sentence.

• Quotation marks (´ ´ “ “ ) are used:

v in indirect speech to report exact words someone said.

• A colon (;) is used:

v to introduce a list.

• An...
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