The value of sports

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  • Publicado : 8 de noviembre de 2011
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The Value of Sports

Sports are great for all of us. These include a number of games, like soccer, football, volleyball, tennis, and basketball etc. are aninteresting form of exercise, which helps in maintaining a good physique and good health.

The basic utility of sports is helping us to maintain our body,beautiful and healthy. This applies to all of us, in my opinion all children should be encouraged, and if necessary, even forced to play sports. Such sports build upthe muscles of the child and he develops a healthy and an attractive body. Minor ailments like cough, headaches, and fevers remain at a distance fromsportsmen. Children with poor state of health must participate in sports as this will ensure good health and an improvement in the building of the body.

Sports also play avital role in discipline in the players.  This inculcates in the person a sense of working in accordance to rules and regulations always, whether he is at home,at the field or at his work. He learns to work with the rules set for the work.

Another important value is the sense of team spirit which is important toachieve success in your life. One learns to adjust with all others. A sportsman knows how to deal with people who are very irritating for him better than a peoplewho never had discipline or played sports, he knows that adjustment with every member of the team is necessary to any success.

The value of sports is reallynecessary for us in our lives because it teach us a lot of great things that are helpful for us not just in sports but in life. Sports are like a life lesson.
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