The virgin of vladimir

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The Virgin of Vladimir
This representation of the Mother of God is one of the most popular icons, disseminated and reproduced throughout the world. It comes from Constantinople, and is linked to thehistory of Russia. Since the 14th century venerated this image of the Virgin Mary as "Mother of Russia”. Vladimir icon belongs to the Eleousa type of tenderness, and Hodegetria, which shows the way.The Virgin carried the child on the left arm and points out with his right hand to close within it, highlighting the maternal aspect of the Virgin and showing the child, the way that it must befollowed. The Virgin of Vladimir is regarded as the icon of the Holy Mother of God, Pope John XXIII proclaimed Patron Saint of the unity of all the churches.

It is believed that the Virgin of tenderness,renamed Russia and Vladimir was painted by Saint Luke evangelist who was physician and painter, but this has no historical basis, but that it is attributed by a Slavic liturgical tradition. Thisimage was moved from Constantinople in 1131 to Visghorod, near Kiev. From there, in 1155 to Vladimir from which takes the name and en1395 to Moscow where is currently. The devotion of the Virgin ofVladimir quickly spread throughout the Russian Empire (Russia, Belarus and Ukraine) allowing the acquisition of a large number of reproductions.
Theotokos of Vladimir is an icon of early 12th century, oneof the most famous and revered of Russia. Since 1930 it is housed in the Gallery Tretyakov in Moscow. The icon was transferred from Constantinople (Byzantium) Kiev. In 1155 the Prince AndreiBogolubski took him a Vladimir, capital of the North-East of Russia (what is his name), which was preserved for a long time. After the victory of the Russians against the Tatars, which was awarded to the aidof the Virgin) and with the exaltation of Muscovy, the icon was placed in the Cathedral of the assumption of the Moscow Kremlin. The oldest layers of paint were mainly preserved in the faces of the...
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