The vitamins and their dficiencies

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  • Publicado : 28 de febrero de 2011
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The vitamins and vitamins deficiencies

The vitamins are defined in Wikipedia like “heterogeneous compounds essential for life”. The principal characteristic of vitamins is that they can’t beelaborated (synthesized) by the body and you have to obtain them from natural foods, like fruits and vegetables.

The vitamins are classified in two groups:

If they are soluble in water.

If thereare soluble in lipids.

And then there are some types, most commonly named with letters (A, B, C, D, K), but they have a scientific name. In this work I would like to talk about the three types thatalmost everybody knows.

Vitamin A (retinol): Soluble in lipids. It is called retinol, because make pigments necessaries for the good operation of the retina. You can find this vitamin in butter,livers and of course in the carrots.

Vitamin B: Is a large group of vitamins, but only a few (8), has a real relation with the human metabolism, in the other part (16), are not considered a realvitamins. The eight ones are found in a lot of foods, like meat, cereals or milk. Soluble in water

Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid): Soluble in water. Is healthy for our skin and can avoid heart diseases.You can find it in fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin D: Soluble in lipids. You can find it in milk and eggs.

Vitamins deficiencies

The vitamins deficiencies are known like the lack or the excessof some kind of vitamins, and due to this deficiency, you can become ill, if you do not have the necessary number of some type of vitamin.

Every vitamin has one or more deficiencies different tothe other ones, and as in the previous explanation of vitamins, I will use the four that I think that everybody has to know

Vitamin A: If you have a lack of it, normally it can cause several visionproblems, commonly in the night seeing vision. But if the problem is caused by an excess, it can be derived in headaches, vomiting, and other common diseases.

Vitamin B: The deficiencies in...
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