The west and the rest

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  • Publicado : 19 de febrero de 2012
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The West and the Rest: Intercivilizational Issues
In the new civilizational world we are experiencing, there have been and will be roughness between the relations among them. And the more evidentare those between the West and the rest, caused by the West’s position of promoting its civilization as a universal one. The different relations that the West is facing are those between itself and theSinic and Islamic civilizations, the West and Africa and America Latina and last between the West and Russia, Japan and Hindu civilizations. The main reasons that bring to the West, specially to theUnited States, those difficult relations and antagonism are the next: to maintain its military superiority through policies of nonproliferation and counterproliferation with respect to nuclear,biological, and chemical weapons and the means to deliver them, to promote Western political values and institutions by pressing other societies to respect human rights as conceived in the West and to adoptdemocracy on Western lines and to protect the cultural, social, and ethnic integrity of Western societies by restricting the number of non-Westerners admitted as immigrants or refugees.
In themilitary factor, different countries have reacted and helped each other to face and overpass the Unites States’. According to the text, following the economic development that Asian countries like Japan orChina will become more powerful, military speaking; and so could do the nations of India and Russia. During the Cold War, The US tried to keep up with Russia by producing and owning a bigger amountof nuclear weapons, now other countries look at it the way the United States once saw and are producing, inventing and transferring huge amounts of weapons. Such is the case of China that not only ownsa great amount of weapons but has helped other countries like Iran and Pakistan to get theirs too. The reaction of the United States, though, is not the one expected to see during the Cold War;...
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