The white shark

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The great white shark is a lamniform species of the lamnidae family who lives in warm and temperate waters of almost all the oceans.Nowadays, this species is the only one that survives from the Carcharodon genus.

The white shark is characterized by its spindle-shapedbody and great robustness, in contrast with the squashed forms that usually show other sharks. This animal also has a conical, shortand heavy nose. Its mouth is big and circular, it has form of an arc or a parabola, it always remains half-opened, letting see at least aline of teeth located in the superior jaw and one or two of the inferior part, while the water penetrates inside it and leavescontinuously by the gills. If this flow stopped, the shark would drown, because it doesn´t have an operculum to regulate the correct pass ofwater and it would also sink because of the lack of a natatory bladder, so the white shark is obligated to be in continuous movement toavoid it.

During the attack, the back part of the white shark mouth opens until its head becomes deformed, and it closes with a forcemore than 300 times a human jaw. The teeth are big and very wide; they also have a triangular form. In contrast to other sharks, the whiteshark doesn´t have diastema (small space between two teeth), but they have all the jaw full of aligned teeth able to grasp, cut and tear.
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