The wolves of willoughby chase

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  • Publicado : 28 de abril de 2011
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Joan Aiken
The Wolves of Willoughby Chase
The story of the book called “The Wolves of Willoughby Chase” is set at Willoughby Chase that is the home of Willoughby and Lady Green and theirdaughter Bonnie.
The parents of Bonnie are taking a holiday in the Mediterranean by ship, and they leave her in the care of a cousin her name is Letitia Slighcarp. Also due to arrive is Bonnie’sorphan cousin Sylvia, who lived in London with Willoughby. Sylvia is nervous about the long train ride into the snowy countryside because of the wolves menace, but when she arrives, the cousins becomeinstant friends. Bonnie is eager to show Sylvia the delights of country life, and they go to an ice skating expedition. Although the adventure ends on a scary note the girls are chased by the everpresent wolves all is well thanks to Simon, a resourced boy who lives on his own in a cave, raisin geese and bees.
Soon, the girls learn that the blissful existence they anticipate together is not thelast one. With the help of Mr. Grimshaw, a mysterious man from the train, Miss Slighcarp takes over the household, trying to arrest those who defy her, wearing Lady Green’s gowns, and tampering with SirWilloughby's legal papers. Bonnie and Sylvia also overhear ominous hints about their parents' ship, which has sunk, perhaps intentionally. With their friends, the girls plan to alert the kindly andsensible local doctor to the crimes of Miss Slighcarp and Mr. Grimshaw, but Miss Slighcarp foils the scheme and sends them to a nearby industrial town, to a dismal and horrid orphanage run by the evenmore horrid Mrs. Brisket and her pretentious and spoiled daughter, Diana.
Sylvia quickly weakens and grows ill due to the backbreaking work, frigid rooms, and skimpy meals, and the stronger Bonnierealizes they must escape soon. She encounters the faithful Simon, in town to sell his geese, and they plot an escape, thanks to some rugged clothes provided in secret by Pattern and a key that Simon...
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