The woman

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The Woman
Review questions:
1. How do Bellard and Lucile match the values posed by Kohl? How are they different?
They match the next values because of the actions described by the author WorkOrientation, selfhelp, materialism/Acquisitiveness (Bellard), Practicality and effieciency, equality/egalitarism, Individualism and Privacy. Some values don´t apply because of the personality of thecharacters, it can differ by the way of thinking too.
2. How do Bellard and Proudfoot (from The Tigress and Mate) differ in their attitudes towards their wives?
Proudfoot is really rude and feels moreimportant than his mate, and Bellard has the opposite feeling, he appreciates so much what his wife does that he doesn´t feel enough for her.
3. Compare and contrast Lucile and Nathalie (from TheKiss).
Lucile has the image of being a person that enjoys life no matter what and that the wealth doesn´t seem very importat issue for her, but Nathalie seems to be interested in relaying on moneyinstead of love itself. Both characters are antagonists but they represent 2 different perspectives that people can often have in their lives, I would say that being like Lucile is hard living in aparticular reality, but both can lead to happiness, different kinds of happiness, of course.
Choose 1 and write about it:
1. Do you know anyone like Bellard or Lucile? Write a description of thatperson. Then, describe how that person’s character affects the people around them.

2. How do you think Bellard’s life would have been different if he had been a successful financier? Write a new versionof “The Woman” (in 2-3 paragraphs) about what his life would have been like as a wealthy man.

Bellard , a successful financier, life was easy, cars, a new house, a lot of work and a beautiful wife.Bellard had everything he wanted, time was the only enemy. Years passed and apparently all the happiness generated by the wealth that he appreciated so much was turning in to a depression, a...
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