The working environment

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  • Publicado : 8 de septiembre de 2010
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The working environment is no place for relationships, or sexually devious games, but threatening other employees, and black mailing is something else.Truth is told having affairs with a co-worker, can leave a scar in the companies record, and harm the workers in its environment. Allen the supervisorof Lavonda has been harassing her, for his own personal games. Allen is using his position as manager to use Lavonda, by threatening her about giving abad score on her performance review if he doesn’t get what he wants. At first Lavonda really liked Allen, but he is now trying to use her.

Humanresource did not take this case seriously, but said if this was reported that they will both loose there jobs, which made Lavonda more alert of where Allenwill be, or what he will do next. Allen is also trying to use her mother to get more close to her, because she is paying her mothers bills, while sheis staying in the hospital, and being diagnose with cancer. This sick tail is just keep favoring Allen, Lavonda learned that each company has there ownethics code. But it was too late for her when she remembered, as Allen has already gotten his way.

This is just a sick perverted story that turnedto Allen’s favor, there are many bosses, and supervisors out there that would use someone’s own misfortune (Lavonda paying, her mothers bills) to thereown personal use. Also be aware of the rules of where you working at, because it can benefit you, incase something like this happens to anyone else.
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