The world’s most addicted drug

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  • Publicado : 1 de marzo de 2012
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The World’s Most Addicted Drug
Caffeine is the tacit drug of choice for millions, as it can be found in numerous popular beverages and not a lot of people stop to appreciate what health benefits ithas. Caffeine can be familiar, but you may be surprise by what you don’t know about it. To begin with, it works by increasing your dopamine levels, which makes you feel happier, and blockingadenosine receptors, which stops you from getting drowsy. Also, Caffeine is shown to temporarily increase one’s ability of comprehension, learning, memory, reflexes and clarity of thoughts. In addition, weknow that one of the most common effects of coffee after lunch is that facilitates digestion. But something more interesting is that coffee consumption reduces the appearance of gallstone, and adultswho drink two or three cups of coffee a day are 40 percent less likely to suffer from that illness. Moreover, scientific studies report that Caffeine is not related to the risk of getting cancer; infact, consuming more than two cups of coffee prevents various cancers such as colon or bladder, as coffee contains 300 beneficial substances and antioxidants. Even, caffeine could be the basis fornew drugs to fight cancer. However, people show great differences in their sensitivity to caffeine. While some may drink several cups of coffee at a time without noticing any effect, others notice itsstimulating effects several hours after a single cup. Caffeine accumulates neither in the blood stream nor in the organism, and normally it is eliminated a few hours after its consumption;therefore, the pharmacological effects of it are short and dissipate fast. Furthermore, the precise effect of caffeine is dependent on numerous factors, including your own tolerant as well as how much youdrink. In general, caffeine increases short-term mental alertness, energy, and the ability to concentrate. Now, that the true colors of caffeine in coffee have been revealed, we can see why the world...