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The World Heritage List includes 890 properties forming part of the cultural and natural heritage which the World Heritage Committee considers as having outstanding universal value.
These include 689 cultural [pic], 176 natural [pic]and 25 mixed [pic]properties in 148 States Parties. As of April 2009, 186 States Parties have ratified the World Heritage Convention.


• Rapa NuiNational Park
• Churches of Chiloé
• Historic Quarter of the Seaport City of Valparaíso
• Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works
• Sewell Mining Town
Co-education: Advantages and disadvantages of mixed schooling

Co-education means the education of boys and girls in same school,colleges or universities. This is a modern concept and has brought remarkable change in thesociesties. It was first introduces in Switzerland, but now it has become popular almost in all Europe and America.
The supporters of this system favour the system mainnly on two grounds,one economical and other sociological.In
first place they says that co-education is an economical measure for poor countries like India,Pakistan and many others.
It is not possible for poor countries to buildseperate colleges for both sexes as it requires a lot of capital.A lot of money is required to build libraries,labortaries and the whole building of a college or university.
In second place people claims that when both sexes will study in same class rooms their confidene level will increase and the relation between both sexes will deepen and strengthen its roots and that will be benificial for bothsexes in their future life.
When the both sexes will study together the environment will be totaly changed, boys will become less coarse and girls less morbid and that will be benificial for bith sexes.
More over, this type of system will blow the spirit of fight in getting more numbers so,there will be more competetion and more intellectuals will be produced.
When both sexes will spend time insame class they will be able to understand their natures and that will be helpful when they will .marry.
To educate both sexes under the same roof will require number of teachers and that will be much better from the economic point of view.
When both sexes will be teached in same class room the fence of shyness will be removed and will encourage both sexes to talk and discuss matters freely andconfidently.
On the other hands some people have different opinion they claims that this system will bring vulgarity and obscenity in the society. they claims that youth is blind ,so both sexes should not be teached under same roof. They says that both sexes in their teen ages when they meet freely , there are chances that they may become the victims of thier emotions.They claims that this type ofeducations will remove the necessary distance between the two sexes and that can be harmfull.
In the end onc can conclude that in some situations this system of education is necessary but in some situations not.
When Americans think of Education we think of people or all ethnic background, and different sex's that come together in a class room and learn skills for there future Careers. Intoday's world the Advantages are noticed we have men and women who have to work together to complete assignments; work in groups. They learn when they are young to treat each other with respect and consideration.

Have you ever wondered what the Advantages are? Well for instance some advantages are cost. It is less costly to form educational strength and faults to form the Curriculum to satisfy Malesor Females. Generally Americans believe that combined schooling is the best possibility to improve a persons education. These are the future rulers of America and they must be handled with the most care we could ever possibly give them.
If not exposed to this environment there are some disadvantages. A male only school has a Homosexuality rate of 63% more than a public school open to all...
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