The world in 2030

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The world in 2030 will be a different place, with a really different situation of the economic landscape and a more genuinely global market place. The world could be facing intense pressure on resources, a big shift in global power, and a completely different way of doing global business.

In 2030, the BRIC (Brasil, Rusia, India y China) dispute the political and economic power of the XXIcentury and set the multipolarity as a balancing factor to the unipolar trends, United States and its allies in the European Union are facing now. It is true that China and Russia have great military capacity, and that India also has large recources thanks to its demography. The world seems to be moving toward an era in which power factors are of great importance international relations. After theend of the Cold War, governments of the BRIC carried out economic reforms and policies to allow their countries joined the global economy. To compete, these countries have greatly strengthened the education, foreign investment, domestic consumption, the division of revenue and domestic entrepreneurship. BRIC's potential is huge: the four members represent 41.6 percent of the world population, 22percent of the planet's surface and 27 percent of global GDP, China is the fifth in the world, followed by Brazil (10), Russia (11), and India (12). Account for 15 percent of the world's economy and meet 40 percent of natural resources. China and India, respectively, will be the dominant global provider of technology and services while Brazil and Russia will become similarly dominant as suppliers ofraw materials

The rise of developing countries as the change in the next 25 years of international relations: developing economies, and China as well as India in particular, make up an increasingly large percentage of global production and consumption, and due to their sizethey they have a strong impact on the production and consumption patterns and possibilities of other countries. Also thisis accompanied by a large territory, which implies having a large number of population. India and China’s combined population accounts for more than 35 % of global population, and India continues to grow rapidly as both countries become richer.. Other developingcountries like Brazil and India are also growing rapidly and are changing competition in industries such as biofuel and computertechnology. China could overtake Jpan in the next years, and the US by 2030. India’s economy could be larger than all but the US and China in 30 years. Russia would overtake Germany, France, Italy and the UK. Of the current G6 (US, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, UK) only the US and Japan may be among the six largest economies in US dollar

The most buoyant part of the world economy since the early 1970shas been Asia. These economies have grown faster than those of the West and their buoyancy has been sustained in great part because they follow their own policies. Their weight in the world economy is much larger than any other non-Western region.. Given their growing economic weight in the global economy, forecasts for China and India are of crucial importance. While acknowledging that China hadbeen the most dynamic of the Asian economies in the past three decades, the growth would decelerate for several reasons related to demographic trends, environmental damage, the rural-urban divide, and a natural slowdown as Chinese wages rise and the technological frontier gets closer to that of the advanced countries.

These economies are catching up with the West and are still at a level ofdevelopment. The combination of high investment rates and rapid GDP growth means that their physical stock has been growing more rapidly than in other parts of the world. The East Asian economies also have a high ratio of employment of the population. This is due to a fall in fertility and a rising of population of working age. they had high rates of improvement in education and the quality of...
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