The yellow press

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1. The media.
1.1. The press.
1.1.1. Research pess.
1.1.2. Yellow press. The beginning of the yellow press.
1.1.3. The differencebetween the yellow press and the “serious” press.
2. Yellow press.
2.1. The origin of the yellow press: How was its origin and why did it happen?
2.1.1. Its creators: The war between the newspapers.2.1.2. The Yellow Kid: The origin of the word “sensationalist”.
3. The yellow press and its evolution: today’s press.
3.1. Its evolution.
3.2. The influence has had the yellow press.
3.3. Theappearance of a new journalistic genre that emerges from the mixing of the yeelow press and the research press.

1. The Media.
1.1. The press.

The press is the art to transform a small change oran event in a news.
The different amounts and classes of little things make the news front and the responsables of those things are the journalists.

1.2. Research press.

Research Press is allthe information that announces a true and harsh reality without trying to hide it with lies or intends not give it everything in the light of.

1.1.2. The Yellow Press.

The yellow press or the“sensationalist” press is the tendency to show the most striking aspects of a story or event to produce a big sensation or emotion to readers.
The yellow press is usually hidden and it is a newspaperaccurate, honest and uncomplicated devoted to people who have little time or little desire to read and sound leaden presentations. The beginning of the Yellow Press.

The Yellow Press comesto the north-american press when in the xx century two men who owned two big newspapers began a journalistic war. The two men fighting for the popularity of its newspapers. This produces a strongcompetition between the two newspapers to establish their empires press after the American Civil War.

1.1.3. The difference between the yellow press and the “serious” press.

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