The young king

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The young king
The young king:

Chapter 1

There was an old king who had a secret: he was married with a common lady and had a son.
And when the baby was a week old He was takento the forest where the parents were very poor. Some men brought the boy to the castle and told him that it was the king's heir, he was very surprised and very happy, he was told thenext day that was his crowned, that night the young king had a dream.

Chapter 2

This was his dream: he was in a dark building and he could see some men working, they suffered alot, and he saw his golden clothes and they answered it was for the crowned of the young king. arousal, and had another dream: he was in a boat and saw that they came to a bay, and theyoungest slave threw a rock and through him to the sea, the young disappeared and returned to the boat several times and the young slave had La Jolla and the teacher and kept them offand said: this jewel will be for the young king.

they woke up again and fell asleep and had the ultimate dream: he was in a tropical forest and there was death and Avarice, anddeath was angry with Avarice and became the slaves of Avarice in the crown jewels for the young king, woke up and it was already day of his crown.

Chapter 3

A servant brought him theclothes to the young king, but he told his dreams and refuses to wear the clothes, the celebration all laughed at him by dressing as a pastor and a crown of roses.
he went to thecathedral and the bishop said that only the king could enter and the young king told his dreams to the bishop but told him to return to the palace and put the right clothes but the youngking to the altar step and I shine a light upon the altar and the young king said that a beggar could not rule us. But the light coming through the church made him look like an angel.
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