The youth of today

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  • Publicado : 8 de agosto de 2010
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Young people impose their ways of speaking, fashions, tastes, hobbies, etc., in society. To do this we will see some factors that explain the youth today.One of them is the economic power of youth. Are the main consumers of certain products, have become more evident because they are spending money oneye-catching items and their consumption tends to be concentrated in certain sectors of the market, there have been important in society and its activities aredisseminated through the media mass media: press, radio and TV tend to create mythologies of youth. Extend the image of the typical young "and those who do notconform to her begin to notice that it is as if something is missing.

Now, for adults, react in a jealous way for our youth.

Another reason for this boomis due to the acceleration of physical development. The girls become women before that, they reach physical maturity earlier. Sexual problems, religious,political, social, family ... etc.., Also appear earlier than in previous historical eras.

The young people are increasingly able to adapt to the world theylive in today is read more, studied more than in the days of our parents. Clearly the number of young people who frequent the schools, colleges, institutes,colleges, arts centers and universities, and so on. It creates a great sense of community and feel a new sensitivity to social injustice. They are young on morefavorable terms, which the adult or elderly who have already made their lives. Rapid change, progress and innovations are quickly assimilated by the young.
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