The d’oh cial network

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  • Publicado : 26 de febrero de 2012
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University of Puerto Rico
Prof. Liz Lizarribar

Carla Torres Orona 445-11-90-77 February 23, 2012

The most interesting episode I have seen was The D’ohcial Network,episode eleven of the Season 23 of the cartoon show The Simpsons. In this episode The Simpsons are focused on the social network addiction issue of the society. This episode is a modified cartoonrepresentation of the movie “The Social Network”, that is based on the creation of Facebook. It all begins when Lisa Simpson, one of the main character of the series, is looking for another people attention.She’s trying to make some friends and get people to talk and play with her but as many real cases people often treat others really bad making them feel awful and have a low self-esteem. This wasperfectly presented when Lisa went to the twin sisters to have a conversation or just join them and they totally despised her. As a result, Lisa decides to create a social network that she namedSpringFace. She realizes how many “internet friends” she can make so quickly so she like it.

What started as a simple webpage did a whole society get addicted to their computers and cellphones. Theepisode presents real-life cases as Homer writing on the phone while he was driving. This is something a lot of people do in these days causing many accidents and the episodes show it. Another real-lifeexample that the episode present was Lisa looking for some friends to play in the backyard of the school. She couldn’t find any even when they were friends in the social network, in real life no onewas talking to her. That really happens because you can have someone, or many people, as friends on Facebook, but when you met them and you’re face to face with them you don’t even say “hi” or the don’tremember even your name. This issue was illustrated perfectly and I think whoever see this episode will make conscience about how really it doesn’t matter how many friends you can have on the...
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