The king´´s great matter

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  • Publicado : 25 de octubre de 2010
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the king´s great matter
The heading of this essay refers to the troubles that King Henry VIII had to face when he decided to annul his marriage with Catherine of Aragon and the consequence of this.Catherine the Aragon came into the throne of England after a null and void marriage with the Prince of Wales Arthur, brother of Henry VIII. It was not common that a man married his brother´s widow,even there was a cannon law that forbidden it specifically(is collected in the bible that who dare to do this will face a curse). But this marriage meant an alliance between Spain and England and therewere lots of pressure to keep the deal.So,as Catherine had always denied the consummation of her marriage with Arthur , after a papal dispensation both Spanish and English reigns decided to marry herwith the next in the line of succession, Henry. In despite of this Henry VII, father of future Henry VIII, finally was not sure of the marriage and the wedding would only take place after the deathof the king and the coronation of Henry VIII.
According to many historians the marriage between Henry and Catherine was happy, although the King always had other lovers. so, what was the reason towant the annulment of his matrimony? It was the need of obtaining a male heir who could consolidate the power of the Tudor dynasty. Catherine had been pregnant many times, and even gave birth somebabies, but the only who survived was female, Mary. Moreover the queen was getting older a with less possibilities of father children so, Henry´s desperation began to grow. He decided that the only chancehe had was to marry again with another woman who were able to provide him with a male heir.
The chosen was a young women named Anne Boleyn, the sister of one of Henry´s mistress. Henry soon fell inlove with her, desiring impatiently the annulment of his marriage with Catherine.To obtain this he appealed directly to the Holy See sending his secretary William Knight to sue the annulment, keeping...
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