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  • Publicado : 3 de septiembre de 2012
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NAME: Peter Jones
AGE: 22
ADRES: 103 Mil road , Bridgwater
DESCRIPTION: Tall, thin, dark hair, brown eyes
LIFE: Peter Jones was fifteen when his father died.Peter’s mother was very very poor and needed money, so Peter got a job. Peter gave all the money he earned to his his mother to help pay for the house where they lived. Their house was very small andold but it was cheap. When he was seventeen, Peter changed his job and started to work for company called Universal Transport Limited. This company had a lot of lorries. As soon as he was old enough,Peter learnt to drive. When he was twenty-one , he passed a driving test which allowed him to drive big lorries on his own. Now he drives lorries with goods in them from Bridgwater to Bristol, London,Birmingham and Manchester.

NAME: John Stevens
AGE: 16
ADRESS:24 Devonshire Road, Bristol
DESCRIPTION: Medium height, thin, brown hair, brown eyes.
LIFE.John Stevens’ mother andfather are dead. He lives with his uncle. His uncle, Robert Stevens, is a school teacher. John is still at school but he doesn’t enjoy it and he wants to leave.

NAME.: Jeff Beck
AGE: 24
ADRESS:Cabaret Club, 12 Victoria Street, Manchester
DESCRIPTION: Medium height, quite fat, long dark hair,blue eyes.
LIFE: Jeff Beck left school at fifteen. He was soon in trouble with the police. Whenhe was eighteen, he was sent to prison for three months for stealing cars. After he left prison, he continued stealing and caught again. He is now twenty-four and has been in prison three times. He isthe owner of a night club.

NAME: Bob Steel
AGE: 42
ADRESS:12 river Street, Bristol
DESCRIPTION: short, average weight, red hair, small red beard, green eyes.
LIFE: Nothing is knownabout his childhood. He has no job. He sells information to the police about robberies and people who steal.

NAME: Tommy Logan
he was about sixteen with dark hair and thin face, wearing a a...
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