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Theatre 3-8
Final Exam
Fall 2010

Short Answer Essay
Please answer the following questions related to your personality and character with a clear paragraph containing examples and reasons supporting your replies. Use a separate sheet of paper and staple it to the back of this sheet when finished.

1. Identify one quality or trait you like about yourself and one quality or trait youdislike about yourself. Elaborate why you feel this way about each quality or trait.

2. If you were to write a short play based on your life in the past 5 months, what would be your objective(s)? Who or what would be an obstacle(s) and what tactics would you use to overcome these obstacles?

3. You can cast any actor alive or dead to play you in a film about your life. Who would you cast inthe role? Why?

4. Using as many of your 5 senses as possible, describe an object(s) in a room of your choosing that implies a dramatic moment (e.g. an overturned chair, several balled-up pieces of paper, an open map, a torn envelope, a set of keys, a silk scarf). Describe what happened either just before or just after that moment.

5. Based on your own assessment of what you have accomplishedthis semester in theatre, taking into account your effort and participation, what grade would you give yourself and why?

1. A quality I like about myself is my perseverance. I feel like I do not easily give up on situations that I know that will probably take from me extra time and effort. Through different experiences and through time I have been able to learn that those situations that mightseem the hardest to deal with are always the ones that give us the most rewards at the end. I always try to push myself further, because I feel like whatever I do, even if it is not a success, there are many other things that I have learned from that experience. I like to persevere through difficult situations because it gets the most out of me, and I have been able to discover that at the end itis always worth it. I believe that perseverance has built in many ways my personality and who I am now as a person.
In the other hand, a trait I dislike about myself is my attitude of always trying to be perfect. I believe I am in many ways a perfectionist. I think I have mistaken the difference between being a perfectionist and someone who looks forward to excellence. I feel like I have the needto always show to myself that I am good enough to deal with everything. I have to recognize that a lot of times I lack the humility to recognize that I am not perfect and that I do not always have the answers to everything, and that I am not supposed to either.
When trying to persevere in something, I always try to push myself too hard and sometimes I get frustrated when I see that things do notwork out the way I intended them to. I dislike this trait of mine because through time it has interfered with my relationships with other people and for the past few years I have been working really hard to change it. I feel like at this time it is not as bad as it used to be, and as I grow older I am starting to identify my mistakes and how to deal with them.

2. If I had to write a playabout my life in the past five months, my objective would be to show the public that through challenges in life we form our character and that after a big storm the sun always comes out. My obstacles would be all kind of challenging people and situations, especially people we would rather not have to deal with at all. The tactics I would use to overcome these challenges would be humility andperseverance. Humility to be able to put someone else’s shoes and perseverance to remember that challenges makes us stronger in character.

3. If I could cast any actress to play me in a story about my life, I would without doubt cast Natalie Portman. I believe she is a very good actress because she can play very different roles and not look like the same person. She can be the sweet girl in one movie,...
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