Theories of education

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Assignment #1: Analysis of Theories of Education and Liberation Systems


October 2, 2011

Prof. James Penner


Iwill first begin by stating every author’s beliefs and opinions. Then I will compare and criticize them, also I will choose which is the most persuasive and why.

Author’s beliefs and opinions:Friere: “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” Speaks of the banking concept of education, which is the usual way of teaching. How unfair and dehumanizing it is and why he is against it, then the solution, thatbeing the problem-posing education. A more equal ground kind of learning/teaching by letting us have an opinion in what we learn, rather than just receive information and regurgitate it right back, whichis what the banking concept involves.

Golding: “Thinking as a Hobby” He speaks more of thinking than education really. He worries a lot about the “crowd” known as the 3rd grade thinkers who hefinds them ignorant and passive. Those 2nd thinkers who, with their different opinions and their ability to find contradictions are dangerous for it may tear us apart. Also the 1st grade thinkers, thegeniuses, those who find the truth by asking themselves “What is the truth?”.

Bauerlein: “The New Bibliophobes” In here the author expresses how worried he is about this generation and how there is adecrease in reading. How it’s making us all ignorant and lazy, how the internet is also contributing to it all and his dislike of it for what it’s causing.

Watts: “On an Ideal Education” Heexpresses of what he believes would be an ideal education, which varies to quite a lot different things, from Yoga, to Self-Defense and Languages specifically French and German, etc.


Golding/Friere: Is the most similar argument I believe, they both speak of critical thinking. Golding’s 3rd grade thinking can be compared to Friere’s banking concept, Golding’s 1st grade...
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