There will come soft rains

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There will come soft rains
The story begins in 2026 in Allendale California in where the entire city is in ruins except onehouse. The house is a modern house that has his own time table with robots that has special functions but there is no signal that thereis a living thing to obey that time table. “Run run eight one but no doors slammed, no carpets took the soft trade of rubber heels”,these means that no one answer the advice do it by the house
Ray Bradbury ment+ioned the technology as something fantastic .This story waswritten in 1950 so he never thinks that this really could happen. Ray Bradbury has a huge imagination for imagine the future 76 yearslater. He imagine the technology as something wondrous but dangerous at the same time.
“At night the ruined city gave off a radioactiveglow which could be seen for miles” there is no mentioned the reason by why the city was old destroy but it made us think with the helpof the poem that the house tells that while the technology was improving the earth little by little was dying ‘’And not one will know ofthe war, not one will care at last when it is done”.

In conclusion the humans have the power to create things that can be bad forthe world and cause chaos and destruction without the right responsibility. ‘A good power needs a good responsibility’’ Ben parker.
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