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Alabama and Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas California, Colorado, I like this more Connecticut and Delaware, then Florida is next but Georgia and Hawaii really are the best Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa Kansas and Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine Maryland and Massachusetts, MichiganJAY!!!!! Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri and more there’s Montana and Nebraska, I like this score Nevada and New Hampshire, New Jersey is really neat New Mexico and New York just can’t be beat North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio and Oklahoma Oregon, there’s Pennsylvania and Rhode Island tooSouth Carolina, South Dakota Yahoo!!!! Well there’s Tennessee and Texas and there’s Utah I said Vermont and Virginia now you made my day Washington and West Virginia, Wisconsin my friend and Wyoming is the last we made it to theend You have learned the fifty states and I think you’re really great Now we have improved and I’m happy to know every state by name so up we go!!!!!!!


The camellia is its flower with dark green leaves Alabama is a state with a warm summer breezeBeautiful Alaska, our last frontier state the eskimos will tell you it’s the dog sledding place
Now in sunny Arizona, the climate is hot and dry the wonder is Great Canyon will surely catch your eyes
The land of opportunity, the mocking bird tooall are part of Arkansas, the countryside too
Go west in California, go San Diego Zoo Disneyland, Hollywood, the ocean deep and blue
And Colorado mountains are covered with snowmaking skin quite appealing, so up we go!!!
The state of Connecticut is eastern found with the American Robin can often be found
Delaware was first to approve the US Constitution and fight the Britishin the American Revolution
The state of Florida, let’s take a flight, yeah!!! to take a narrow ship launching site
And then the savannah, the civil war rights in the state of Georgia, we’re______________ in the side

CHORUS I want to learn about my country And learn about each state I want to learn all the facts that make our nation great I want to visit all the states in the USA And sing the names of each them every day
TropicalHawaii in 1959 became the 50th state where the sun will always shine
In Idaho there’s farming potatoes, meat, and cheese our travel down the river which is really unique
Lincoln was a lawyer in the state of Illinois he studied very hard when he was a young boy
In Indiana you can watch a famous auto race...
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