This rought magic

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  • Publicado : 31 de mayo de 2011
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This Rought Magic

The story takes place on an island called Corfu , which lies off the west coast of Greece. It was Shakespeare’s magic islandin The Tempest. 
Specifically the story happens in the three houses from Forli family, Castello dei Fiori where Julian Gale was living, the second one, Villa Rotha where Godfrey Manning was livingand Villa Forli, where Phyllida and Lucy Waring were living. 
It happened in 1960, time after the second world war, when Albania was a communist country.

The book is about the story of a girl whowent to visit his sister to the corfu’s island where she lives , because the main character lucy, needed to rest of his job, but she hasn’t rest at all because when she arrives to her sister’s houseon the first day that she was there, there was a murder of a boy named spiro , he is supposed to be drowned but at the story progresses Max, who was the son of a famous actor of London who was thegodfather of spiro, discovered that Spiro wasn’t dead and Manning tried to kill him. At the first part of the story lucy thinks that Max was the guilty of the dead of yanni’s dead who was a struggler buthe wasn’t guilty, and she discovered it when she went to the beach to look for a ring of his sister that she missed there and she looks that there was the dolphin about 4 meters away the water so shetried to help it but she can’t do it alone, and she ran looking for help but someone stop her , and he was max, who helps her with the dolphin and after that both goes to max’s house and heexplained everything about his attitude and why he stopped her in that way, he also asked her for help with Manning because spiro would be taken to the hospital by Max and Adoni because spiro had broken hisleg when he was thrown overboard and float to a beach before he was rescued by an old fisherman. Well as the story keep progressing Lucy helps Max on his plan but in the last part of the story lucy...
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