Thomas cook

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Thomas Cook
He was born in Melbourne, Derbyshire on November 22, 1808. English businessman who transformed the handmade production of tourism into a modern mercantilecompany the one to that gave his name in 1845 as consequence of the idea that occurred to him while he was travelling in railroad as militant of a teetotal affiliation of the one that was a foundingassociate. In 1841 it realized a trip organized for more than 500 persons to Leicester owing to a congress anti-alcohol. In 1851 he organized a trip for 165.000 persons to the universal exhibition ofLondon and in 1855 to the exhibition of Paris. Thomas Cook put of fashion Switzerland for his nature, his characteristics adapted for the rest and the health. After the obtained success, in 1865 it movedthe social head office of the company of Harborough to London. In 1866 it travelled to the United States to coordinate the services of different railroad companies to produce tourism with services inAmerican facilitators. Later it opened divisions of the company in the American cities that he was interested in as purveyors. In 1868 it obtained the exclusive interview to exploit the passengers'traffic of the European continent for the route of Harwich. With this motive he travelled to Holland, Belgium and Germany in order to coordinate the supplying of services of transport with diverserailroad companies. One of his most out-standing achievements was to obtain an exclusive piece of news to exploit the passengers' traffic for the route of the port of Brenner to Bríndisi. During the warFranc - Prussian, the route was opened only to serve to the production of tourism of the company of Cook. One of his most out-standing contributions was the creation of the system of payment based on...
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