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  • Publicado : 2 de septiembre de 2012
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Those born on November 13 are insightful and lucid commentators of his time. Regardless of the path they take in life, often make comments on what catches their attention in what happens around them.They are interested in almost everything, but especially social or political matters either collect their information from newspapers, television or historical or sociological books, usually havestrong opinions about how things work or not.
The problem for many is that they do not invest the same energy in themselves, either for development or personal knowledge. Al so interested in whathappens on the outside, they run the risk of being superficial. Those who believe know the communicative and entertaining, but also little earthbound. However, the most advanced of those born this daystrive to learn and internalize their interests, providing an essential link between your inner process and the world around them. The latter are prepared to advance their cause and better themselves.Those born on November 13 often are torn between a rational and sensible world (atheist or agnostic respectively) on the one hand, and traditional religious beliefs on the other. Although often strictrationalist from youth to maturity, you may at some point experience a profound conversion to a system of religious or spiritual beliefs. This conversion process does not necessarily abandon logic orreason, but use them to find new evidence for their beliefs. These individuals are not fanatics who believed in things, but optimists whose faith is based on seeing the world as a living proof of thespirit of God and the miracle of existence and nature. However, those born on November 13 strongly believe their views. Although opposed to any kind of injustice, is likely to express their opinionsdogmatic or authoritarian. Consequently, it is important to make a conscious effort to listen to those who disagree with them, and whether they agree with what they say or not, take what is useful to...
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