Three is a lucky number

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Three is a Lucky Number

Ronald Frederick is a very wary man who has his murders skilfully planned. He is well aware of the dangers of carelessness, but he has a curious way of earning a living,taking advantage of his wife’s fortune when they were killed. Anyway, he considers himself more intelligent than any other people in the world.

He had persuaded three women to marry him and then towill him their modest possessions.

Each of his former wives had been shy. He was carefully to choose the right type because he felt that his success depend on it. Mary was the first. She had a fatalaccident when they were in their honeymoon. A reporter wrote in a local newspaper the nearness of the tragedy but the neighbours were scarcely curious.

Dorothy was the second. She bothered him alittle more. In their first met she revealed him that she was alone but after the funeral her brother appeared asking awkward questions.

It had taken place four years ago. Nowadays he had a new nameand a fresh area to operate. That’s why he felt remarkably safe.

His actually wife was called Edyth. She was forty three years old and, after her father´s death, she was totally alone and welloff. She appeared like a ship without a rudder.

They had married five weeks after their first met in the registry office of the town where they were both strangers. He felt sorry for her but he wasabove of all and he started to make plans for “her future”.

Edyth had an obstinate reticence over her monetary affairs. She kept all her business papers locked in an old-writing case, and she had anembarrassing interest in his job. She was always telling him that she needed to visit his factory. That made Ronald felt angry and decided to act.

When she returned home after a hard day, heprepared her a bath because he wanted to go out with the most fascinating and elegant woman in the town. She was a bit shocked when his husband said that but she went upstairs and started writing a note...
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