Three ways to get to international marketing

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  • Publicado : 7 de diciembre de 2010
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By María del Pilar Góngora Torres

The increasingly complex world makes us pursue majorchanges not only due to technological advances, but the career development of individual’s strategy groups of the international marketing. Companies need a more transcendental approach to determine thebest ways to compete. When the companies enter in an international market should develop in line with the strategy to adapt to changing markets. My Big Fat Greek Wedding can identify the situationscompared with a real company can enter in new market and to implement marketing strategies. In the following essay, we analyze three key points of view of the daily life of its protagonist: First,Resistance to the change; then the cultural differences such as language skills and beliefs, finally adaptation as a solution to the problems and controversies of the families of Toula and her boyfriend.First of all, we live in a world of constant changes. We are ready for it but we resist the changes because these changes threaten the security and daily life that we face. We can see how affectcompanies when the employees resist change, because of lack knowledge and communication that employees know about change meaning. Managers think they are the only ones who make part of the change and whowork in the company, for this reason the managers should seek understand and observe the view from their positions and discuss the terms of the personal commitments among company employees. And themost important to motivate employees to collaborate and participate in this change.

In the second place, multinational companies should understand the cultural backgrounds of its foreign marketsbecause of cultural differences affect market behavior. Take the case of Saudi Arabia, which is considered a land of contrasts, often strict religious beliefs and conflicts have caused companies to...
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